Monday, 23 February 2015

Pretty Seamless

I decided to create Pretty Seamless in addition to my other blog Look at me beauty. On Pretty Seamless I will be posting non beauty content, mostly I will be posting crafting, sewing, food and a few other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure. 

Where you can follow me? 

What posts would like to see on this blog? 

Lou x  

Caring for your makeup!

Make up is pricey thats why a few little care tips can save you bags of money 

Tip 1 - Take a cotton bud and clean the side of your compacts to kept them looking clean and tidy. 

Tip 2 - Powder puffs/sponges  get dirty very quickly and can absorb oil and dirt from the skin. if you invest in a good quality one (like this one or this one) you can hand wash it with baby shampoo or stick it in the washing machine. Simple! 

Tip 3 - To keep make up looking pristine, go through regularly and remove any broken containers or things with a missing lid and depot them in the travel containers like this one. 

Tip 4 - Remember that makeup has expiration dates so be sure to check them every couple of months. Also if you regularly use alcohol spray (like this one) it should get rid of the germs which may be harbouring on your make up. 

Liquid and cream foundation - 2 years
Concealer - 2 years
Powder - 2 years
Mascara - 6 Months 
Lipstick - 12/18 Months 
Lip/Eye liners - 12/18 Months 
Eyeshadows - 2 Years 
Powder Blush - 2 Years 
Cream Blush - 2 Years 
Moisturiser - 2 Years 
Eye cream  - 6 Months 
Suncream - 2 Years